Forward Lunge with weights

Hurdler stretch

Full standing squat

Backward lunge basic

Sliders: Forward lunge

Sliders: Forward and Backward lunge

Sliders: Single leg abduction

Abduction with towel

Abduction with Sliders double leg

1 leg squat to arm drive

Side plank: abduction

Side plank: Hip circles

Side Plank: Hip drop

Half squat with elevated heel

1 Leg half squat

1 Leg full squat

Ball: Tricky backward lunge

Ball: Alternate hip lift

Half ball: Side Crunches

Balance pad: Step downs

Triceps Full Dips legs extended and SLR

Reverse Table Top bent legs

Reverse Table Top Straight Leg

Triceps Half Dips Bent leg

Triceps Full Dips Bent leg

Triceps Half Dips with SLR

Triceps Half Dips legs extended

Triceps Full Dips Legs extended

Spanish Squats ball

Beginner Squat: Stand to Sit

Full Push up

Forward lunge with alternate arm raise

Step ups: Small ball Sling

1 Leg squat

The forward lunge

Wall exercise alternate arms